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What is XmarToken?

XmarToken (XT) is a revolutionary cryptocurrency token designed to empower users within the Binance network. It offers a gateway to new financial possibilities and a brighter future. XT tokens are your key to unlocking the potential of Binance, and they represent an initiative committed to innovation and growth. Join us in exploring the limitless opportunities that XmarToken presents on the Binance platform.

Passive Income Rewards

With XT tokens, every transaction is an opportunity for growth. As an XT holder, you’re in for a rewarding journey. With each transaction, you automatically receive reflection tokens, amplifying your holdings over time. The more XT you have, the more reflections you earn, making it a seamless path to greater potential on the Binance network. Invest in XT today and watch your holdings grow with every transaction!

Token Burning Mechanism

XmarToken (XT) employs a robust token burning mechanism. With every transaction, a portion of XT tokens is intentionally and permanently removed from circulation. This token burning process not only adds scarcity to XT but also enhances the value of each remaining token. As more transactions occur, the token supply diminishes, creating a deflationary effect that benefits all XT holders by potentially increasing the value of their holdings over time. Embrace the power of XT and the token burning mechanism, and be part of a thriving ecosystem designed for long-term sustainability and growth.


Purchasing XT Tokens

Users can conveniently obtain XT tokens directly from Pancakeswap using Binance (BSC). Once they have XT tokens, they can hold them to receive passive income rewards and easily monitor their earnings and transactions in real-time.


The term “tokenomics” refers to the economics of a cryptocurrency token, encompassing its supply and demand dynamics, tax structure, fees, and rewards. XmarToken (XT) stands as an innovative token within the crypto realm, pioneering passive stable-coin income through its groundbreaking token distribution strategy and advanced tokenomics.

The XT token incorporates a 6% tax on purchases and a 10% tax on sales. These taxes are automatically distributed in the following manner:

  • 2%Reflection Fee
  • 1%Burn Fee
  • 3%Liquidity Pool
  • 3%Marketing Fee
  • 1%Development Fee
  • 1%Reflection Fee
  • 1%Burn Fee
  • 1%Liquidity Pool
  • 2%Marketing Fee
  • 1%Development Fee
  • Development Fee This fund serves multiple purposes, including utility development, exchange integration, and covering staffing costs.
  • Marketing Fee These funds are earmarked for marketing activities, promotions, and strategies aimed at growing the XT token's visibility and adoption. This dual allocation ensures the ongoing development and promotion of XmarToken, enhancing its utility and outreach within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.
  • Transfer Fee (0%) XmarToken holders enjoy the benefit of 0% fees on transfers between wallets. This means when you send XmarToken (XT) to another wallet, there are no deductions; the recipient receives exactly what you send.

Token Allocation


Phase 1.1

Members on Telegram: 2000

Phase 1.2

Members on Twitter: 2000

Phase 1.3

Members on TikTok: 2000

Phase 1.4

Members on Facebook: 2000

Phase 1.5

XT Holders: 1000

Phase 1.6

Create a YouTube channel

Phase 1.7


Phase 1.8

Presale on PinkSale

Phase 1.9

Dex Launch

Phase 2.1

Listing on CMC

Phase 2.2

Listing on CG

Phase 2.3

Members on Telegram: 5000

Phase 2.4

Members on Twitter: 5000

Phase 2.5

Members on TikTok: 5000

Phase 2.6

Creation of a credit card payment gateway on the website

Phase 3.1

NFT Collection Launch

Phase 3.2

XT Game

Phase 3.3

XT Swap

Phase 3.4

XT Dao

Phase 3.5

Launch on Cex

Phase 3.6

5% XT Supply Burned

Phase 3.7

XT Lottery

Phase 3.8

Creation of Xmar Token on BNB, Polygon, and Shibarium networks

Phase 4

Launch on Cex Tier 1/2 (Centralized Exchange Tiers)

Phase 5



Proud & Respected





Frequently asked questions FAQS

XmarToken (XT) is a revolutionary cryptocurrency token designed to empower users within the Ethereum network.

The total supply of XmarToken is 10,000,000,000 tokens.

XmarToken applies a 6% transaction tax to every Buy and 10% to every Sell which is split into different categories. Marketing, Development, Liquidity, Burns and Reflections.

Users can conveniently obtain XT tokens directly from Pancakeswap using Binance (BSC).


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